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The Top 12 Things To Do In Hot Springs In The Summer

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Summer is finally upon us. It’s time to revel in the sun, the water, the ice cream, and of course, the much anticipated vacation time. Many of us spend the months leading up to summer planning what we are going to do for those precious weeks of long sunny days. We’ve saved up our vacation days so that we may experience those days to the fullest. Families head out in waves to take in as much as they can in the time that they have.

Hot Springs, Arkansas is a destination for many of those seeking excitement or relaxation during their vacation time. Our town draws people in and they spend their time taking in the sights of town and the excitement of Magic Springs attractions, while relaxing in the lazy river or checking out the spas of town. Hot Springs is a hub of excitement all year and nary a weekend goes by when there isn’t something interesting going on, but the summertime is the busiest of all the seasons. That is the time when our town goes all out for its guests. It’s like Thanksgiving and Christmas all rolled into one.

Come to Hot springs this summer and get a taste of what there is to offer you and your family or friends. Here’s a top 12 list of the goings on in our little town. This list is not all inclusive of what is here, just what definitely needs to be on your list of places to go and things to do once you get here.

  1. Magic Springs-Crystal Falls. Getting out and riding the rides, floating the lazy river, taking in a concert or two, and grabbing an ice cream are all possible once you arrive in Magic Springs. Kroger sells season passes and they basically pay for themselves after just a couple of visits. There are new rides and attractions that will make your heart jump into your throat in that awesome way that anyone who likes theme parks knows and loves. The park also offers tickets to concerts held on the grounds. The genre of music is varied and with a season pass it’s included! Go here  to see all there is to do in Magic Springs! 1701 E. Grand Ave. Hot Springs, AR. 71901 or call for more info at (501)-624-0100
  2. The spa life. Taking time to relax and renew at our many spas in town makes any person want to stay here a few extra days. The Quapaw Bathhouse Spa has some of the best spa services in town. The Quapaw is one of the original bathhouses on Bathhouse row in downtown Hot Springs. They have heated pools, individual bathtubs, extensive spa services, and even a ‘steam cave’ downstairs that has a history unto itself. Visit here to find the perfect spa for you!
  3. A Bathhouse Tour. Just want to tour a bathhouse to see how this town operated a few decades ago? You can tour one of the bathhouses downtown that has many of the original tubs and equipment, beautiful rooms depicted just as they were when the bathhouse was operational, even a gymnasium on the top floor to walk around and see. The entire building is a museum filled with pictures and articles of the history of this wonderful little town and how, many years ago people used to come here just to be healed or pampered on Bathhouse Row. To find out what you’ll see go here and see the past through your own eyes.  369 Central Ave. Hot Springs, AR. 71901
  4. The Music Venues. There are a few here to choose from but the one to visit is The Ohio Club. This bar/restaurant/music venue offers up not only a vast history of Hot Springs but also amazing food and great music. Mike Dampier, the chef at  The Ohio Club is dedicated to his craft and he serves up some of the best food in Hot Springs. His burger was just named the best burger and best bar and grill of 2017. The Ohio Club’s “Big Al Sauce” itself has a story behind it that Mike would be happy to tell you about, in fact, he has created 5 sauces varying in heat and flavor that you should definitely try once you get in the door. Don’t forget to ask about the bullet holes in the ceiling while you’re there… For bar/restaurant hours go here .   336 Central Ave. Hot Springs, AR. 71901
  5. A Bite of Hot Springs Walking Food Tour. A new addition to Hot Springs that you don’t want to miss. Mixing food tastings and Hot Springs history this walking tour will leave you feeling full of both. Some of the best restaurants in downtown Hot Springs offer up delectable bites of their best dishes while the guide shares the history of the town around you and gives you a peek into the lives of the chefs and owners that serve you on the tour. Sample cupcakes, Cajun, Mexican, Italian, and German food, along with flights of wine and margaritas along the way. It’s one of the best ways to experience a city, through its food. Tours are every Saturday at 2:00-5:00 pm. Check out the website or book your tickets here.
  6. Hot Springs Haunted Tours. Every night around 8:00 pm the haunted tours get underway. The guide takes each group through downtown to delve into the scarier side of Hot Springs. The ghosts and other spirits that live here are his forte. In a town where so many came to be healed many didn’t make it out and have stayed to haunt the streets of town. Besides, with all the gangsters that visited this town there are bound to be some of those that are fighting to the death again and again every night. This tour will make a believer out of anyone. For more information go here and tickets are on sale 30 minutes before each tour at  430 Central Avenue Hot Springs, AR. 71901
  7. The Grand Promenade. Once you have been scared silly by the ghost tour you may need to take a little time to calm down and relax again. The Grand Promenade is a great place to accomplish just that. Behind bathhouse row, up a few stairs (or up the ramp if needed). Is a brick lined walkway that overlooks Central Avenue and skirts the base of North Mountain. There are benches along the path, checkerboards made into the tables waiting for players to sit down and play (just bring your own checkers). And if you go at dusk you will be amazed at the beauty around you. This is one of the best kept secrets of town and one of my personal favorite places to go. If serenity and beauty is something you crave, the Grand Promenade should be on your list of places to visit while in town. Check out the details here
  8. Escape Hot Springs. Well, not exactly, but that’s the name of one of the newest attractions in downtown Hot Springs. A room you go into that locks you in and YOU have to find the way out by solving puzzles! A puzzle solver’s dream of an attraction to be sure. You have an hour to figure out the puzzles to get out. Better keep your head about you to find the solution and get yourself out of there!!! Go here for more information and to book your escape from Hot Springs! 200 Spring St. Suite 200 Hot Springs, AR. 71901
  9. The Hot Springs Farmer’s Market. Held every Saturday from 6:00 am to 12:00 pm and Tuesdays from 4:00 pm until 7:00 pm at the Transporation Depot. If you are in town during these times, this needs to be a stop on your itinerary. There are vendors set up with everything from fruits and vegetables to meats from JV Farms and locally made Kombucha from A Lively Brew. You can also find a variety of sweet treats, breads, locally made honey and salsas. Craft booths are often set up selling jewelry, homemade furniture, yard decorations, as well as soaps and salves. Often you even have the pleasure of being able to grab an iced or hot coffee from Mug Shots Coffee (one of our favorites) or some delicious sweet or savory crepes from Itz Gůd Füd food truck that specializes in gluten free food that tastes amazing. In the background you’ll even get to here live music playing most weekends. The Hot Springs Farmer’s Market is always busy and to get the best you better get there early!Checkout their Facebook page for more info here.  121 Orange St Hot Springs, AR. 71901
  10. A Night of Magic. After you have filled your belly and pampered your body you should challenge your mind by taking in a bit of magic! Maxwell Blade has been entertaining Hot Springs visitors for more than 20 years and he never fails to deliver. He has been renovating the old Malco Theater and will be moving his show back to that stage again this year. He has a wonderful show that is perfect for all ages and when you attend his show in the Malco you will be sharing in a big part of this town’s history as well. You can check out his website here for show times and dates! For now find him at 121 Central Ave. Hot Springs, AR. 71901 but be on the lookout for a change in location…
  11. The Five Star Dinner Theater. Looking for a bit of something ‘different’ to take in while you are in the spa city? Look no further than the Five Star Dinner Theater. Take in a show while you enjoy dinner. Hot Springs’ dinner theater puts on one of the best shows in town. From murder mysteries to comedy shows this place knows how it’s done. The dinner part of the show is an all you can eat buffet and they serve wine and beer as well as the expected soda, tea, and water of course. Purchase tickets online here or call for reservations: (501)-318-1600  701 Central Ave. Hot Springs, AR. 71901
  12. Get Outside and Explore. Last but definitely not least are the various walking, hiking, running, and biking trails in Hot Springs. The Grand Promenade itself has 27 trails that lead off of it! West mountain loop, Whittington Park, North Mountain, they each have unique trails where cyclists, walkers, and runners alike can meander along or race to the finish while taking in the beauty of Hot Springs surroundings. The Greenway, that begins at the Transportation Depot is one of my favorites for running, walking, or cycling. It’s about a 2 ½ mile trail that is paved and includes many areas of beauty throughout its length. But these don’t even touch the surface of the many trails in our town. You will see many bikes along our roads this time of year, just taking advantage of all there is to see and conquer on two wheels or feet. The Spa Pacers set out each Saturday morning on a long run and on Thursdays you can catch them on a Pub Run in downtown. Helping Hot Springs get healthier, one adventure at a time! Check out these sites for more information on the outdoors in Hot Springs:

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