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Our tickets are purchased through Eztix. There is a link at the top of the homepage  that will take you to the booking site. Tickets can be purchased using all major credit cards. Cash is not accepted.

The tour is completely on foot. We do not ride in any type of vehicle of any kind. We will cover about 1.1 miles and the tour will last about 2 hours. There are frequent stops along the way where you will sit and eat and there are quite a few benches to rest and we walk at a moderate pace. The longest period of walking without stopping is about 10-12 minutes.

We do everything in our power to explain that this is a walking tour and about the distance we cover during the tour. We will take you as far as you can go and if want to stop that is up to  you. However, the tickets are non-refundable and all food has been paid for prior to your arrival. Even if you do not finish the tour you cannot receive a refund for the part of the tour you did not complete.

While there are areas of free parking in the downtown Hot Springs area, it may be difficult to find an area to park during peak season. Specific parking information will be provided after purchasing your tickets in the follow-up email.

Yes. You have to purchase a ticket in advance. All tour attendees including children over the age of 4 have to purchase a ticket in advance. You can still attend the tour even if you do not eat but a ticket must be purchased in advance. Non-ticketed persons are not allowed to join the tour for any reason. Because the tour company must pay for all food and the guide’s wages, all tour attendees must purchase a ticket. Tour guides cannot sell tickets to walk-up traffic. To make sure that you are able to buy a ticket for the date/time/and number of tickets you want, please book as far in advance as possible.

We recommend that you bring an alternate form of transportation with you. There are no automobiles allowed on the tour but you may bring a wheelchair or motorized scooter on the tour if that is needed. We do not provide these for the tour.

No. Sorry, we do not have waiting lists. If tickets are sold out on a date/time you want to take a tour please call us, sometimes there may be additional availability. This is not a guarantee, but is a possibility.

No. Our tour company does not provide any type of alternate transportation. You are welcome and encouraged to bring either a wheelchair or motorized scooter (or equivalent) with you if it is needed but we do not provide this for the tour.

While gratuities are graciously appreciated, they are definitely not mandatory. The standard gratuity in the service industry is 15%. The tour-goers can tip their tour guide at the end of the tour.

No. This is a walking tour. The entire tour is on foot. If you have issues walking please bring an alternate means of transportation (wheelchair, scooter, etc.) to follow along on the tour. We do cover 1.1 miles during the tour with various stops along the way to eat and talk but the entire tour is on foot.

Our tours are moderately paced and will not stop for rain, cold, sun, heat, or humidity. No matter what the weather brings the food will taste great and the adventure will continue. On rainy or very cold days we will use indoor space as much as possible. We do advise to watch the forecast and dress appropriately and bring gear that will help you be prepared for the weather that may come (umbrellas for rain, sunscreen and water for sun/heat, and jackets/scarves and gloves for cold weather, etc.). The more comfortable you are the better you will enjoy the tour. For severe weather conditions the decision will be made on a case by case basis as to whether the tour will continue or a different solution will be provided.

Our walking food tour covers 1.1 miles of downtown Hot Springs. Our starting location is only the beginning point of the tour. We will walk for about 1.1 miles over the course of 2 hours, stopping at different restaurants and shops along the way. Come prepared to walk, no vehicles are allowed on this tour.

The 6 tastings on the tour are enough for a full meal. We do encourage you eat a light breakfast the day of the tour, as the tour is not meant to replace breakfast and lunch. However, most patrons feel comfortably full at the end of the tour.

I’m sorry but no shopping is allowed during the tour. We understand that there will be things on the tour that you may want to purchase. However, we ask that you do not shop during the tour as we are on a schedule and the food tastings that we are having during the tour are pre-ordered according to a pre-arranged time schedule. There will be ample time to return to the places to shop once the tour ends. The brochure given to you at the beginning of the tour will have all the locations and addresses of the places visited along with other shops and stores. The tour guide can assist any tour-goers with locations after the tour has ended. Additionally, there are coupons available in the brochure for some of our vendors for shopping after the tour.


If you really want to shop during a tour, please consider booking a private tour. Private tours include shopping at 2-3 locations during the tour. You can visit our private tour page here:


No. The tour will begin and end in different places. Parking will be available at both locations and details regarding how to get to the starting point from either parking area will be made available to the customer on the e-ticket. If there are any additional issues the tour guide will be happy to help you get back to your vehicle at the end of the tour.

While any time is a great time for our food tour we recommend that you take the tour during the beginning of your stay in Hot Springs. We believe that our tour will help enhance your experience in the city. Because you are able to sample the food on the tour you will then be able to confidently choose places to return to after the tour. Additionally, during the tour you will likely find new stores to shop in that you didn’t even know were here and if you visit us at the beginning of your visit you will have more time to return to those shops or to purchase items that you found along the way! Your tour guide can also add valuable information regarding the rest of your stay by suggesting some of the best places to shop, offer additional entertainment options, and provide you with other dining options in town!

No! In addition to the delicious food tastings on the tour from local restaurants and specialty stores we will be experiencing and learning about the interesting and exciting history of Hot Springs Arkansas! This is an exciting and fun way to experience not only the excellent food in our city but also learn about the rich history and beautiful architecture and culture that abound here!

While we do try to accommodate all wheelchair and stroller needs, advance notice is requested. There are some hills to navigate on the tour but some tasting locations are not accessible by both wheelchair and stroller. We will do everything we can to meet your needs. Please give use a call if  you need additional information (501) 547-9484

Your tour guide will provide you with a bottle of water when the tour starts. Also, some of the tasting locations may serve beverages with your tasting. There will be water available at certain areas on the tour where you can fill up your water bottle. Remember, we are known for our hot springs here!

Yes! Food tour certificates are readily available and make perfect gifts! Please visit our Gift Certificate page.

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed on any of our tours. As much as we love them, other guests might have potential allergies, and Hot Springs food regulations do not permit them in the restaurants we visit. But we would love to see pictures of them if you have them!

Yes! We encourage our tour-goers to take pictures and we will take pictures for you as well. We do respectively request that no part of the tour is filmed. Please share your pictures on social media and tag us if you would like our tag is: #bitehs

Yes! We offer a 10% discount to seniors, military personnel, and children. Only one discount is allowed per person.

Additionally, we may run discounts and coupons from time to time for holidays or other occasions. Check our site for any updates or subscribe to our newsletter to get updated information to your inbox whenever we DO have a sale/promotion/contest.

Also, check our Facebook or Instagram pages for details on sales as well.

As the tour is a walking tour, comfortable clothing and shoes are recommended. Please dress appropriately for the weather that day. If is it cold, wear layers and a jacket or coat, and on hot days wear cool clothing. Bring an umbrella for rain and sunscreen for the heat. Arkansas can get mighty hot during the summer make sure to have water on hand on the tour!

YES! Many of our tour patrons have been from right here in Hot Springs! We often hear from locals that they hear about information and food offered on our tour that they did not know about! Some who live in a city often do not take the time to see what is right in their own backyards and learning about your home can help you connect to the city. Also,  our tour provides you with the opportunity to bring your family and friends on the tour so they can learn more about the town you live in.

Don’t be discouraged! This isn’t a foodie tour, it’s a FOOD tour. So, if you love food or just like to eat it, you will enjoy the tour. Remember, there are other aspects of the tour besides just the food that you may find interesting as well.

YES! However, some of the food provided by our vendors is spicy and some establishments we visit offer beverages that contain alcohol for the tasting, there will be an alternate sample available for minors or for any one who does not wish to have alcohol.

We have one tour open currently and a second tour should be opening up in April 2019. Go here to see prices and available dates for the tour(s).

Children 4 and under do not have to purchase a ticket but will only receive a mini cupcake and any of your sample you wish to share with them.  They will not receive their own samples.


We will be tasting food from a variety of different places and eateries. As tasting locations may change without notice it is difficult to say exactly what will be on your tour. Check the website on the date of your tour to see the tasting locations that will be serving us that day. The tasting locations on our tour have offered some of the following samples: Pretzels, pasta dishes with bread, cupcakes, wine, margaritas, salsas,  and other delectable samples!

We have many people who come on the tour that are single. If you love food and love trying new and different experiences you will likely enjoy our tour. We feel as if sharing food and experiences together with others brings us together like family and those that join us on our tours not only take away excellent experiences and full bellies but also often make new friends along the way.

By the end of the tour most tour-goers are pleasantly full and a meal afterwards is not necessary. We do however recommend that you eat breakfast on the day of the tour as the amount of food provided was not meant to replace breakfast and lunch. Our goal is not only to fill your belly, but also to introduce you to new interests, as well as teach you more about Hot Springs. The total amount of food provided on the tour should equal a full lunch.

YES! Children are allowed and are welcomed on the tour. All children above age 4 will require a pre-purchased ticket even if they do not wish to eat while on the tour. All children’s tickets must be accompanied by an adult ticket purchase. If attendees show up with children over the age of 4 who do not have tickets they will not be allowed to join the tour for any reason. If the children are under age 4 they will be allowed without a ticket, this is the only exception to the rule as they are not required to purchase a ticket. NOTE: Tours are often in excess of 3 hours in length and require a lot of walking and listening to the tour guide. While children are welcome please keep in mind that their attention spans tend to be shorter and may not be well suited to this type of tour. Each child is different so please take this into account as you assess the situation but as a parent you know if this is best for your child.

With advance notice we can accommodate the following food allergies/preferences at MOST locations: Gluten free and vegetarian.

A Bite of Hot Springs carefully pre-selects all food for the tours with the restaurant partners to showcase the most delicious offerings Hot Springs has to give you. We understand that everyone has different likes and dietary restrictions, but we are unable to accommodate all possibilities. It is the guest’s responsibility to determine if there are some samples that will need to be passed on or are able to be enjoyed. Not all restaurants will provide substitutions so please take this into account when booking your tour as no refunds or discounts will be given if the food is not eaten, regardless of the reason.

Yes! Tour-goers will be given the opportunity to use the restroom prior to the start of the tour and there will be at least one restroom stop along the way. There are often opportunities to use the restroom in some of the tasting locations a well.

Yes. We offer private tours for groups of 6-10 (larger groups can be split into groups of 10 with staggered start times). If you would like a private tour please go to our Private Tour page for more information. A Bite of Hot Springs staff member will be in touch with you within 1-2 business days. You may also contact us at (501) 547-9484

We are sorry but at this time we do not offer any other language on the tour besides English.

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