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Group Tours-Our Undivided Attention Is Yours!

Group Tour Details

Pricing is $59 per ticket — 6-person minimum, 10-person maximum per tour plus a$100 private tour fee. (This does not include taxes and fees)

18% gratuities are included in the final price.

Private tours requested on Saturdays are subject to that date’s ticket sales for the regular tour.*

Weekday tours before 7 pm may be available but have to be booked and paid 1 month in advance.**

We want to make your tour memorable. Please call so we can personally set up the details. When we know more about you, we can make the tour much more personal.

Call Tammy @ 501-547-9484

*I am the sole owner and tour guide for this business. I run a regular tour from 3-5 on Saturdays. If you want to book a private tour for a Saturday, the availability is contingent on if any tickets have been sold for that date. You have the option to join the current tour at regular ticket price if tickets have already been sold or choose a different date/day for your private tour.

**I am the sole owner and tour guide for this business. I also work a full time job during the week. Therefore, in order to book a private tour on the weekdays I have to take off work. This is the reason for the 1 month advance booking and payment.

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